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Product Spotlight: 30 Cal Ammo Can Foam Liner Kit

This product is one of our top sellers, and for good reason. It is a quality kit that is very easy to install. We pride ourselves on our products being of the highest quality but also easy to use.

The 30 caliber ammo can liner kit is made of 1/4″ thick heavy duty military grade foam. It does not absorb water or oil, and it can be wiped clean.

The 6 piece kit comes with 1 piece of lid foam, 1 piece of bottom foam, 2 pieces of foam for the 2 smaller sides, and 2 pieces of foam for the larger sides.

Each piece of foam has “peel and stick” adhesive for easy attachment to the inside of the ammo can. No messy hot glue needed.

The “peel and stick” adhesive will give a permanent installation.  If you desire to take the foam out of your ammo can, then do not peel off the paper backing.  We have cut these to size carefully.  In most cases, the foam will press fit into place.  If need be, a small piece of 2 way tape on the back of the paper backing will keep the foam in place, and allow for easier removal.

Installation Instructions:
1st – install bottom foam
2nd – Install foam on 2 large walls
3rd – Install foam on 2 small walls
Last – Install lid foam.

That is really all there is to it. It is a quick and easy process that will give your ammocan the protective interiror that it needs to hold your gear.

For more info and to see additional details, please click here to check out the 30 Cal Ammocan Foam Liner Kit on the product page.

Mr. Ammo Can Turns Surplus into New Gun Cases

We were featured on! See what they had to say below.

8/03/12 | by David Higginbotham

Some ideas seem so obvious. Their brilliance lies in their simplicity. Mr. Ammo Can is one of these—simple, obvious and priced right.

What is it?

It’s an ammo can. A .30 caliber or .50—for now. But it isn’t the can, actually. You provide the can. It’s what’s in the can. Wait—it isn’t that either. You provide that too, in this case a Ruger SR1911.

The oddly named Mr. Ammo Can is what goes between the gun and the can.

Mr. Ammo Can is actually nothing more than a well crafted piece of open cell foam designed specially to turn a basic surplus ammo can into a rock-solid gun case.

The pictures pretty much say it all.

But let me elaborate. The foam block is comprised of three distinct pieces. There is a bottom, which is solid.It is adhered to the mid section, which has a number of slots cut through. The third piece is separate and adheres to the lid of the can.
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Airsoft and Paintball Gun Cases

Did you know our foam isn’t only for pistols and guns?  Our ammo can inserts are also perfect for pistol-sized airsoft and paintball guns.  For those who like to carry small-sized paintball guns and airsoft guns, consider our low-cost, highly durable foam ammo can inserts.  The cost will be a lot lower than an official case from a sporting goods store, and they are sure to impress your teammates.

Check out our 30 caliber foam ammo can insert or our 50 caliber version.