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.50 Caliber Foam Insert


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50 Cal Ammo Can Gun Foam Insert Turn your 50 cal Army Surplus Ammo Can Into a Pistol/Handgun Case

This foam insert measures approx 11″ x 5.5″ x 6 5/8″It holds a semi auto pistol as large as a 1911 Because the foam is flexible, it will also hold revolvers. There are 4 magazine slots. The slots will hold most magazines, even double stack magazines. The magazine slots will also hold knives and flashlights as seen in picture. The is a solid 1″ foam base attached to the gun foam so that your gun will not come in contact with the metal floor of your ammo can. We also provide lid foam so that the lid does not scratch your gun or magazines.

This is a brand new item

Ammo Can is NOT included

Turn your 50 cal ammo can into a handgun case


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